YAY! Its Wednesday here and we know what that means; its time for a new upload! This week I give you a casual jacket with 3 stencils and 4 presets. I really liked the overall shape of the original jacket, but the overall feel was more on the preppy side then casual and youthful. So I changed that. I striped out the shirt and jumper, slimmed down and then added a t-shirt. This is the final product of that tedious process.

This jacket features:

  • basegame compatibility
  • 4 recolourable channels (jacket, pockets, inner collar, and t-shirt)
  • 4 preset styles with custom thumbnails (no stencil and 3 unique stencils)
  • found in everyday, formal, athletic and outerwear categories in CAS

As usual, the archive contains both the sim3pack and package files accompanied by the preset preview picture. Choose which file type you prefer to install and delete and rest. I hope you enjoy.

Update 11/5/2014 - I noticed a small issue with this jacket and certain pants. Part of my alpa layer, what determines the transparency of the texture, partially overlapped on a pair of my pants. Although this does not happen with every pair of pants, its bugs me so I corrected it. The issue is what you can see below:

So please download the new updated file. You don’t have to since its not a big issue, but its preferred since it is unknown how many pants this affects.


Download (Updated): Mediafire | Onedrive


As always feel free to tag me using PeacemakerIC or the @peacemaker-ic option for tumblr. I love seeing my creations being used. 

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