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I have 24 patterns to test in game…………………

Help me, I have a problem

This is gonna be a big pattern pack, especially doing vertical and horizontal versions of all these stripes…………………..

Stopping by to tell you I love your sims, but I want to know more! List 5 facts about your most favorite sim of yours, and send this to 10 simblrs whose sims you adore. ♥

Asked by cyberqueen13

Awe Thank you! <3 I don’t do change letters (and there would be way more then 10 people I would send this to) but I will still answer the question :)

Well, my favourite sim has to be Ryan. I am really not sure why though, always drawn back to him. So here are some facts about Ryan.

  1. He is based on a previous attempt at a simself that only exists in my simbin now. I like him way more though. He reflects my inner shy guy and when I have blonde moments too.
  2. In my game, he is the second-oldest brother out of my 5 male sims, even though he is the oldest sim, having been created a year before all the others. That also makes him my oldest sim I still play with, only 1 minor overhaul to his looks late last year.
  3. He is blonde because that is the exact opposite colour of my hair. At the time I wanted to do something different. However, he has many features similar too me though, like freckles and cheekbones. Ryan is also the most sensible out of his brothers, taking after his mother (and me). He does have his weird streak though, as seen last Halloween.
  4. He was involved in a legacy at one point, but that never panned out. I was sad about it, but I never was a legacy player. I ended up just building houses in the world instead of playing. That was the time he became my go-to avatar here in the sims community. I still have the legacy save, but its all buggy now but I don’t have the heart to delete it.
  5. He will be the first sim I try to recreate in TS4, I love him that much. Valen and Chase will be a close second ;) 
Why am I suddenly reminded that I used to take liberties with my band uniform and decided that Mr. Herbst really meant “banana yellow carpenter pants” when he said “dark jeans”. LMAO!!

OMG! I think I need a picture of that LOL

I question your face.

nice rebuttal there, but I still question your sanity, probably even more-so :P 

I wore green plaid pants to my graduation… I can pull anything off! ;)

Did your classmates agree? ;)

clothing replies

tumblinrob replied to your post “replies and stuff”

this is true! ;)

they enjoy sexy time too much to wear shirts ;)

tswwn replied to your post “tumblinrob replied to your photo:TSRW, you almost had it! Bland…”

I think an intervention may be needed.


tumblinrob replied to your post “tumblinrob replied to your photo:TSRW, you almost had it! Bland…”

Nah, I’m comfortable in my awkward wardrobe! ;)

well I guess i can’t stage an intervention since you aren’t in denial about your fashion sense :P

EA’s been in my wardrobe again…

Rob, we need to have a serious talk, don’t we?

replies and stuff

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so happy! I do need to do some tweaking. Not sure why the mask looks blurred on the green tee, might try a non-compressed version. And I think I need to teak a few vertices on the UV map near the arm, and fix the shading under the arms. Not much to do at all. 


Finally…toddlers can enjoy the Spring Festival as well! Complete with the weird extra large dinosaur-bunny eggs from EA. There are a total of 9 poses, three with a basket (also over-sized) and 6 with eggs. I should take a second and tell Peacemaker thank you for helping me come up with some of the ideas for these poses. Really, without him there would be no egg hunt poses.

Here is the even better part…EVERYONE can use these. You DO NOT need Seasons! How is this possible you ask? I extracted the egg and basket from the game and the ever wonderful Peacemaker came to the rescue of sanity (once again - I really have no idea what I would do without him) and turned the egg and basket into objects instead of hidden accessories and made sure they were base game compatible. The basket is recolourable and if you don’t like the randomly generated egg colours that the game provides, you can recolour the egg as well (it’s the light blue one),

Poses are pose list compatible. Images with codes are included in the zip file. You will need the OMSP object for some of these.

DOWNLOAD BASKET AND EGG (found in decor ->statues for a cost of $35 each)

You are welcome and i was happy to have a part in contributing to these awesome poses <3

(via wickedjr89sims)

Here are the styles I created. Maybe I will go test it in-game now………

I think I am in love………………..

I like the boots

I question your judgement

TSRW, you almost had it! Bland colours, yes, but that was no excuse to find the most ostentatious boots possible. Would some sandals have been a better choice? Or perhaps bare feet? Anything but those. I guess there is no hope for you. You will always be that weird friend who doesn’t quite dress right, and not in that “this will set a trend” sort a way. Its ok we still love you. A+ for trying, C- for execution.